Mission and Purpose of the Culture Department

"To nurture promising, capable people of faith and intellect who exemplify compassionate leadership; who embrace wisdom, hope, and courage; and who are vital to the humanistic development of our country."
(Culture Department Mission Statement, 1999)

From its early years, the Culture Department has been composed of members actively working in the areas of health, law, and education — professions that greatly influence society. SGI International President Daisaku Ikeda encourages us to change the basic problems in society by encouraging SGI-USA professionals in these fields to accomplish human revolution, and through polished lives and a deep grasp of Buddhist values, to share with their colleagues the peace, culture and education efforts of President Ikeda and the SGI throughout the world.

Culture Department members will discover support not only in their district meetings, home visitations, and seeking guidance from leaders, but find it as well with professional peers in dialogues important to becoming respected and trustworthy in their work environments. For this reason, Culture Department activities will focus on developing the faith of individual members, especially in interaction with members of the same culture department division.

The Culture Department consists of four divisions: legal, health, education (k-12), and academic (college and graduate school).

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